Ode to Lynn

I had just purchased my Hornbeck canoe in June of 2015 for the sole purpose of backcountry paddling and camping. Weighing only 17 pounds I could carry it to any remote lake in the Adirondacks.

After seeing and reading stories of hikers being lost and rescued I thought it would be wise to hire a guide to take me into the remote Essex Chain of Lakes. I just didn’t want to be that guy who gets the very expensive helicopter ride out as this would be my first adventure. I wound up hiring Adirondack guide Lynn Malerba of Tupper Lake, NY.

When I first met Lynn we hit it off immediately. We shared the same passions for the outdoors. Lynn would not only guide me into the Adirondack wilderness but also fueled my passion for it. Lynn and I have remained friends ever since.

This past weekend I had heard rumblings of a camper being struck by a tree in the Pharoah Lakes Wilderness in the eastern Adirondacks. Today I have learned that this person was Lynn Malerba. I am heart broken to say the least. Lynn was an amazing human being with a wonderful, gentle and kind soul. She will be missed.

Rest in peace Lynn!

From the Adirondack Explorer: https://www.adirondackexplorer.org/view_finder/lynn-malerba-dies

Navigating over one of the many obstacles on the First lake outlet September 26th 2015.
Image: Lynn Malerba Adirondack Connections Guide & Outfitting

Lynn Malerba on 4th lake Essex Chain September 25th 2015.
© Joe Geronimo

Lynn Malerba & I paddling from 4th to 5th lake September 25th 2015.
© Joe Geronimo


11 thoughts on “Ode to Lynn

  1. Sorry to hear that Joe…never easy to lose someone you shared magic boating and new adventures with. How sad to be taken down in a place you have loved and felt safe in.


  2. So many good souls are leaving us. Very sad when such a good person passes. My heartfelt sympathy is extended to you.


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  4. Joe, I share an almost identical first experience as you have just described in meeting Lynn for my very first time. That was in October of 2010. It was within minutes of meeting her for my first time that I was sure we would be friends for life. We became such good friends that she and Mary would eventually come and visit with my wife and I and stay with us in our home. Knowing her was a gift from God and llosing her will forever haunt me. Thank you for this Ode, it was perfectly written.


    • Hi John,
      I can totally relate. I find myself still disbelieving that this tragic accident occurred. I was in Tupper Lake two weeks ago and almost stopped at her house to see if anyone might be there to pay my respects. In the end I chose not to as I felt it was too soon.


      • Thanks for your comments Joe and your ode to Lynn….please know if you are ever in the area you are welcome to stop by….Lynn was indeed an Adirondack treasure and I was blessed to share 17 years with her….Like you and others I too will be haunted by her passing but knowing where she is brings me comfort. We will meet again…Mary Hall ….Lynn’s best friend 🙂


      • Mary,

        Thank you for reaching out. I’ve been in Tupper Lake twice in the past month and both times I had wanted to stop at the house and pay my respects. However I was nervous that it might be an intrusion and decided not to.


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