Springing with Anticipation

This morning I was going through some of my paddling files and discovered a video clip I shot while in the Adirondacks back in September of 2017. In reality I’m not really a video guy so this is a a rarity for me. On this particular day I find myself on the stunning Boreas Ponds near Newcomb, NY listening to the call of the Loon. Their call can be haunting and yet equally soothing. It can offer a sense of peace, solitude and self reflection as well.

It’s Spring or at least it is on the calendar. Looking out my office window at the snowflakes and thermometer they both tell a different story. As another paddling season rapidly approaches I look forward to more adventures out on the water.


6 thoughts on “Springing with Anticipation

  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for the Loon and lake ideo! It brought back the joy and memories of when I could get out on Martins Pond in Peacham, VT and allow my canoe to drift and watch a Loon fish!


  2. Up in Eagle Bay now ice fishermen setting up on 4th lake, almost mud season, still lot snow cover…thanks for the memories!


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