Photo of the Week:

Killer News  By: Dave Beckerman
Killer News

This weeks “Photo of the Week” comes from Dave Beckerman:

Monday January 16 1995. Cloudy with rain. Yes, it was always a violent world with violent headlines. Especially in New York City.


Miles of Smiles

Just like most of you I have embraced social media. I truly enjoy it and I think it serves a purpose in the fast lane we call life. However I sometimes like to move over to the right lane and slow down a bit. You know cruise. I use another form of social media to say hello, send pictures or just to let friends and family know what I/we have been up to. You guessed it, I send postcards and quite frequently!

Recently I mailed one to my friend Sue. Sue is from Michigan and misses her home and family there. She emailed me a pic of the postcard to say thank you and along with this message “Ahhh home, I miss you. Thanks for the smile friend”.
Sue C

And just the other day I received this postcard from my friend Diana who was competing in the Black Bear Triathlon located in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.
Jim Thorpe

Lastly I mailed this vintage postcard to a person in Germany through the community. Waiting his response.

So you see there is more than one way to brighten someone’s day. If you would like to receive or exchange postcards please follow this link and provide your address.