Happy New Year

Circa 1910 New Years Postcard.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Postcard Postmarked Bloomfield NJ December 22nd 1909 at 6:30 PM. © Joe Geronimo collection

Holiday Spirit

While in Chicago this past summer I walked right by the Congress Hotel and I didn’t even take a picture and I’m still kicking myself. Rummaging Ebay like I always do for old photographs I stumbled across this amazing Kodachrome of the Congress Hotel in December 1965 recently.

I love everything about this image and the Christmas tree steals the show.

The Congress Hotel December 1965, Chicago, IL Kodachrome © Joe Geronimo collection.

Photo of the Week:

Brock Kerchner Christmas Day 1985. Kodachrome 64.
Brock Kerchner Christmas Day 1984. Kodachrome 64.

This weeks “Photo of the Week” comes from Brock Kerchner of Mechanicsburg, PA.

Brock writes:

“I was 5 years old and it was Christmas time in Kutztown, PA. We always got up early and opened our gifts from my family but then we would break, shower and clean up as we waited for our extended family to arrive and continued opening gifts. That is why you see gifts unopened. My first Lionel train was “The Cargo King” seen behind me that I still have today running around my tree. You can also see a Mr. T figurine on the caboose flat and a Hot Wheels toy in the foreground left. My grandfather who was a master carpenter and craftsman built this house himself on a corner lot of what was their farm. He sold the farm except for this corner land to build his house on.

This was his holiday, he had an incredible workshop and after September we were never aloud to go downstairs to it. He would start building AMAZING things for his children and grandchildren out of wood, intricate difficult things. Our houses are filled with them. Christmas afternoon he would unveil them to us, he was my Santa. My grandmother would help sand and stain them as well. He did this work until until he passed 6 years ago in his 80’s.”

Binghamton Santa Run 5K:

2015 Binghamton Santa Run 5K.
2015 Binghamton Santa Run 5K.

With visions of a 5K PR dancing in my head I would find myself falling several seconds short of my goal. However I would walk away from today’s race with much more.

Lets step back in time for a brief moment to the 2013 Binghamton Santa Run where I ran my best 5K time of 20:38 taking 36th place out of 760 finishers with a mean temperature of 20 degrees. I was elated and looking forward to the following weeks “It’s a Wonderful Run” 5K in Seneca Falls, NY. I was knocking on the door of a possible sub 20 minute 5K. During that week spanning both races I was out training and tore up my right calf ending any hopes of another PR or running the race at all.

This would  begin my downward spiral of injuries over the next 18 months. I’ll be honest here my injuries and issues were of plain stupidity. I won’t go into detail but lets just say my lack of listening skills and my pride got in the way.

December 13th 2015:

Over the past several months I have finally been seeing results in my health and in the  last two weeks since I have been working with a coach I’ve seen even more results. Today was near 60 degrees at race time. I came away from today’s race with a 20:43 5K, 31st place out of 600 finishers and a 2nd place age group winner in the 40-49 bracket. More importantly I came away with confidence, some speed and no pain what so ever.

I’m excited for what 2016 has in store for me and I cannot wait. Back to my training and hopefully I will continue to run smarter.

Did you race this weekend?


Approaching the finish.
Approaching the finish.
L-R: Jack Kuhn, Joe Geronimo, Tom Hansleman & Nate Mulcahy. Binghamton Santa Run 5K.
L-R: Jack Kuhn, Joe Geronimo, Tom Hansleman & Nate Mulcahy. Binghamton Santa Run 5K.