Time Flies

I can remember like it was yesterday! The last of our family had just driven away and Julie and I stood there starring at this infant sound asleep. We looked at each other and said “Now what do we do”. I was scared to death because Michael did not come with an owners manual.

Today nineteen years later Michael will graduate high school. He has been in the BOCES program the past two years working in video production and will continue this fall at Broome Community College.

To say I’m proud of him would be an understatement. As parents our goal has always been to raise our children to be kind, compassionate, thoughtful, respectful, hard working and most importantly good human beings. I’ve always said to the boys that mom and dad are guides in life and can take you only so far while you will have to do the rest. I think we are doing a good job.

So congratulations to you Michael, mom and dad are very proud of you!!!

One of my favorite pictures of Michael is in October 2000 and he is helping dad with the yard work. He loved his bubble lawn mower.
Michael & I June 19th 2018.

Cross Country is for Wimps, or so I thought!

Joe Geronimo during the Southern Tier Cross Country series at Binghamton, NY University. Image © Sheila Cordi
Joe Geronimo during the Southern Tier Cross Country series at Binghamton, NY University.
Image © Sheila Cordi

Growing up in suburban Long Island as a child I was drawn to the sport of soccer. Rightfully so as I was pretty good at it. I was especially drawn to the keeper or goalie position at which I excelled at and soccer in general for years. Once in Jr. High as there were no “Middle Schools” back then I continued to play on a travel team and not for my school team. Honestly I cannot remember if we even had a JV soccer team?

Over the course of the next several years and as I entered high school I was fascinated with the more higher profile sports such as football and lacrosse. Only briefly did I give a thought of running cross country. My thought process was this ‘Cross Country is for Wimps” and I never looked back until October 12th 2014 when I competed in my first ever cross country meet 24 years after graduating high school. Was I ever wrong about my assumption of cross country.

I’d always assumed cross country was for the nerds, geeks or the weak. How dare you call cross country a sport especially that there is no contact involved. Cross country is for wimps!

Our first ever meet was through the newly formed Southern Tier Cross Country or “STXC” in partnership with Confluence Running of Binghamton, NY. The days meet was held in conjunction with the Binghamton University Runners Club or “BURC Open” on University campus in Vestal.

Our competition this day would be the 5K open with about 150 runners total. The weather was spectacular, the canopy of fall color radiated throughout the course. With gun going off at 11:00AM runners ascended a one mile hill called the “Pipeline” before cresting in the the Universities nature preserve.

Making our way through the preserve and back out onto campus you could hear the thunderous heartbeat of the other runners. Lastly descending the “Pipeline” back towards the finish this new thrill in my running adventure would soon be coming to a close and a new passion for sport nurtured.

Today I am eating my words. Cross country is definitely not for wimps as it takes quite the stamina to run competitively at a sustained distance. I think what really opened my eyes was my oldest son Michael who ran modified cross country for two years. The sport itself took on a different meaning for me and I saw the effort these kids put into it. Me as a runner, one who loves distance running now knows better.

Where Does The Time Go?

As parents I think at some point we ask ourselves where time goes, today I find myself asking that question. You see today our youngest son Max had his fifth grade moving up ceremony. Yeah I know its only fifth grade, but I’m here to ask where does the time go. My wife and I are very proud of Max, he has worked hard in school and despite his “Grumpy Old Man” guise he does enjoy it. Shhhhh don’t tell his friends because they might make fun of him.

Now beginning in September we will have two sons in the middle school or as we used to call it Jr. High. Pretty soon we will be looking for colleges. I tell you this stuff gets pretty scary. I remember like it was yesterday being in the delivery room doing my best Bill Cosby, salad spoons, catchers mitt in all.

In short I would like to say congratulations to Max! You’re an amazingly funny and intelligent guy and we as parents are very proud of you.

max one426

max two427