Happy New Year!

Circa 1910 Vintage New Years postcard from my collection.

Christmas Greetings

Incorporated in 1892 as the village of Lestershire, in 1916 it was renamed Johnson City in honor of George F. Johnson , who led the company that was known as Endicott Johnson (Home of the Square Deal).

Vintage “Christmas Greetings from Lestershire, NY” postcard from my collection.
Our Endicott-Johnson home built in 1916 seen here December 1996 Johnson City, NY. ©Joe Geronimo

If you are interested in some great historic Endicott-Johnson images please visit this link http://www.frankchetko.kwikfold.com/index.html#1

Postcards from the Road

We recently have just come off our summer vacation. I think this was one of my favorite vacations to date. We rarely get the opportunity to visit with Julie’s family as they live far away. Rather than blah, blah, blah about what we did while on vacation I’m going with a different approach. I think you’ll be able to travel right along with us via postcards from our 2,737 mile journey. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!


July 10th-13th:

And we didn't even shoot our eye out!
And we didn’t even shoot our eye out!

Postcard Toledo

July 13th-16th:

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July 16th-20th:

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July 20th-21st:

Postcard Bronners Postcard Toledo

Vintage “Ski Vermont” Map Postcard

Vintage "Ski Vermont" 1970's postcard. © collection of Joe Geronimo
Vintage “Ski Vermont” 1970’s postcard. © collection of Joe Geronimo

One of my most favorite postcards that took me a while to acquire and I just love the graphics on this!

1. Barre Skyline, 2. Bromley, 3. Birdseye Mt., 4. Black Mt., 5. Burke Mt., 6. Burrington Hill, 7. Carinthia. 8. Cold Hollow Mt., 9. Dutch Hill. 10. Glendale, 11. Glen Ellen. 12. High Pond, 13. Hogback, 14. Jay Peak, 15. Judgement Ridge, 16. Killington, 17. Living Memorial, 18. Lyndon Outing Club, 19. Mad River Glen, 20. Magic Mt., 21. Middlebury Snow Bowl, 22. Mt. Ascutney, 23. Mt. Mansfield, 24. Mt. Snow, 25. Mt. Tom, 26. Northeast Slopes, 27. Northfield, 28. Okemo Mt., 29. Peacham Community, 30. Pico Peak, 31. Pine Top, 32. Prospect Mt., 33. Smugglers Notch, 34. Snow Valley, 35. Springfield, 36. Stratton Mt., 37. Sugarbush, 38. Suicide Six, 39. Underhill Ski Bowl.