Our Winter Landscape

This afternoon I was able to get out for a short hike with my fine fury friend. Ruff loves the cold weather and snow. Heck he’d just assume sit in a snow bank all day.

Under sunny skies, a 4 degree temperature and a wind making it feel sub zero we headed to Nanticoke lake for our little adventure. Once we arrived I noticed there was more snow out there than here at home. But a lot of it seemed to be drifting. We made our way to the lake and met two guys ice fishing. I asked if they knew how thick the ice was and they said about 10-12 inches. It felt weird walking on a lake that I routinely paddle. Ruff was in dog heaven! It was cold, there was snow, other humans and the sniffs were abundant.

Our winter landscape can be beautiful if not stunning, I was in my glory as well.



Ruff taking in all there is to sniff at Nanticoke lake January 7th 2018. © Joe Geronimo
Ice fishing on Nanticoke lake January 7th 2018. © Joe Geronimo
Ruff loving Nanticoke lake January 7th 2018. © Joe Geronimo
Ruff & I Nanticoke lake January 7th 2018. © Joe Geronimo

Gear Review: LL Bean “Ascent” Packaway Jacket

I’ve been an LL Bean fan and customer for years. As a matter of fact my life contains a vast majority of their clothing and gear. In my opinion LL Bean’s customer service is legendary, so when I needed a jacket for layering I turned to Bean. February here in New York has been extremely cold, with Jack Frost nipping at the noses of most in the Northeast. In retrospect a perfect environment to put my new remarkably light LL Bean “Ascent” Packaway jacket to the test.

The Jacket: 

This jacket boasts 60-gram remarkably light PrimaLoft One insulation. Ultralight ripstop nylon shell is treated to shed water and block wind. A highly compact alternative to fleece, packing into its own hand pocket.

Improved fit is trimmer through the body and upper arms with the ultralight ripstop nylon gliding easily under layers for a smooth fit that won’t restrict your motion. Shell resists wind and weather, has a drawcord hem and elasticized cuffs to seal in body heat, rated at -15 degrees.

Center back length, size L: 27″. Imported. Machine wash and dry.


Slightly fitted, best with lightweight layer, falling at hip. I wear a size large but decided to order an extra large for additional layering as I plan on using the jacket snowshoeing in the High Peak’s of New York’s Adirondack Park. Here weather conditions could change within minutes.

Test Dates:

Friday February 13th 2015 was sunny and cold with the temperature at 3 degrees and a wind chill of -13 degrees. With the wind at a moderate 11 mph I snowshoed around the local park for 3 miles averaging 2.9 mph. This particular park is open with no shelter what so ever. The jacket performed flawlessly. It did what it said, blocked the wind and kept me extremely warm, I was very impressed and extremely excited. I thought the jacket fit just right, I was unrestricted in my movements and after the first mile or so I had to slightly unzip it as I began to sweat a little.

Sunday February 15th 2015 was sunny and cold with the temperature at 0 degrees and a wind chill of -22 degrees. The wind was howling at 22 mph today and I went for a 5 mile snowshoe hike at a place called the “IBM Glen” where I averaged 3 mph. The first and last parts of my hike were .35 miles each across an open wind swept and snow drifting golf course. The wind was pushing at me so hard I had to use my poles to keep me upright. Again this jacket performed flawlessly! In truth I was utterly impressed because it was brutally cold out. Once in the woods I did receive some shelter from the wind. Like I said the jacket fit just right and I was unrestricted in my movements.

On both days I wore the exact same clothing to make sure this test was as accurate as possible. The layer closest to my body consisted of an Under Armour Cold Gear compression long sleeve shirt, followed by an LL Bean “Expedition Weight” base layer, topped with LL Bean’s linden green Ascent Packaway jacket.


I truly love this jacket and its versatility. I felt very warm during the weather conditions on both days. I like the fitted style and feel of this jacket and I strongly believe it does what it says it does, blocks the wind and sheds water. This jacket is perfect for layering during the winter and can stand alone during the Spring and Fall months.

I have no affiliation with LL Bean or was I given this jacket. Just like you I am a consumer and I think I should get what I pay for. With that said I highly recommend this product.

If you are looking for a light weight versitile jacket look no further than LL Bean’s “Ascent” Packaway Jacket. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/86465?feat=ascent-SR0&page=ascent-packaway-jacket

Sunday February 15th 2015.
Sunday February 15th 2015.

My New Journey


November 2014 I complete a life journey, the New York City Marathon. A two and a half year adventure that took my life in an amazing direction. A direction that without the love and support of my family in particular my wife and children might have not been realized.

In a blog post I penned after my marathon https://adirondackjoe.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/2014-new-york-city-marathon/ I made mentioned of looking forward to what my future had in store.

Today I know where my future is headed and that is up. I started the paperwork to become an “Aspiring” Adirondack 46-R. In New York States Adirondack Park there are 46 high peaks with the tallest being Mt. Marcy at 5,344 feet or 1,629 meters for those on the metric system. I plan to summit them all over the next several years.


This summer my son Michael and I will summit 4,865′ Whiteface Mountain and 4,239′ Mt. Esther. My goal is to hike all 46 high peaks during all four seasons with the bulk being summer and fall. Who cannot resist fall color in the Adirondack’s!

Image: Michael Melford/National Geographic
Image: Michael Melford/National Geographic

Just recently I purchased a pair of MSR Lightning Ascent hiking snowshoes for the purpose of summiting a few high peaks during winter. These particular snowshoes are designed for exactly this. Looking forward to putting them to the test either this winter or next.

Winter hiking on Algonquin. Image from Google.
Winter hiking on Algonquin.
Image from Google.

My running is still a huge passion of mine, however in 2015 my goal is to focus less on racing and more on fitness. I do have two exciting races rapidly approaching with the first being the Syracuse half marathon on March 22nd which I had hopes of PRing. At this point I don’t even care! I look at what I have been given and just to be afforded the ability to run 13.1 miles is gratification enough. Next is my all time favorite race “The Seneca 7” on April 19th. This is my race, the race I look forward to 364 days a year. This relay race is a 77.7 mile party around the beautiful Seneca lake in New York’s magnificent Finger Lakes Region. I love the camaraderie, team spirit and of course the competition. Throw in some good food, friends an adult beverage or two afterwards and you have storybook ending on a amazing weekend.