Adirondack Canoe Route: Rock Pond

We were sitting around the campfire, sipping whiskey from our new “Hornbeck Boats” whiskey glasses, pondering the next days adventure here in the Adirondacks. While we were poring over our maps we discovered a possible canoe route that did not appear to be marked on the map. A few more sips of whiskey and we decided that we would attempt this adventure.

The next morning we woke to a soft blanket of fog over Rollins Pond. A small crackling fire, a roaring jetboil and the aroma of coffee began to awaken our senses for adventure. Once most of the fog had lifted we set out on the placid waters of Rollins Pond with our sights set on Rock Pond. Where we would encounter low water, mud, beaver dams and a foot bridge.

Will you join us for our journey?

Note: There are no campsites on Rock Pond or the Rock Pond Outlet.

Canoes: Hornbeck New Tricks 14’s

Cameras: DJI Osmo Action, iPhone 13, Canon EOS 90D

Video footage: Joe Geronimo & Gary Sharp

Music: Epidemic Sound


5 thoughts on “Adirondack Canoe Route: Rock Pond

  1. Oh, what fun! Great video work. What whiskey did you have? Powers Gold Label, or Maker’s Mark would be my choices. I think my Mansfield canoe would have done a great job!😁

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    • Thank you for watching John, I appreciate it! Cannot remember what whiskey we were drinking but I know it was not the two you mentioned. Absolutely the Mansfield would have been perfect🤣


      • You spelled whiskey as it is spelled in reference to Irish whiskey. The Scottish spelling is whisky. Does that give you a clue as to what you were drinking?😀. The “wee dram” matters not, but the memory of the trek lasting through the seasons of snow and ice does matter! Best of all, you are a fine specimen in in a canoe! Be blessed and stay well!

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