The Rehydration Test

Last week I posted about my first attempt at dehydrating meals for backpacking and canoe camping. I went out this afternoon in order to test the meal. I wanted to see if I could gauge how much water and time I would need to properly rehydrate the 6 ounces of sausage vegetable stew.

You can check out the results in a short video below! Give my blog a follow, you can also find me “Adirondack Joe” on Facebook & Instagram as well.

If you like what you see you can find the recipe in the link to my original post here:

3 thoughts on “The Rehydration Test

  1. I think you did a pretty good info-mercial! AdJoe’s Trail Food LLC! With the folks that want to store foods for the Apocalypse, to folks out on a hiking expedition, you might well have a better than average product to market!


  2. I like how you think John… I need some refinement but to be honest this is someplace I’d eventually like to go. My future goal is to work in the outdoor market but we will see. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video.



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