Autumn Sunrise

I’m sure by now you are pretty tired of hearing about me paddling Nanticoke lake. I’ve written about it many times before and shared many images from my adventures there as well. However as I race against Mother Nature in my final attempts to keep my paddling season going I ventured to none other than Nanticoke lake this morning.

I arrived under darkness, exiting my car peering upward towards the heavens. The unpolluted night sky was alive with the moon, stars, clouds and I believe Venus. I rubbed my hands together with excitement and commented to my friend Don “I think we have the makings of a beautiful sunrise”. Don whole heartily agreed and we carried our canoes to the lake. The narrow beam from my headlamp pierced the darkness and I could feel the the damp grass beneath my feet with every step.

Don and I set out to watch the show as our paddles dipped in and out of the water whispering an elegant song. As we sat in the middle of the lake the cloud cover began to thicken and I said to Don “I think we’re going to get skunked on our sunrise”. Don laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t think so. I placed my paddle in the water, turned my canoe in order to investigate a playful beaver who was splashing a little closer to the shore. All of a sudden I could see the skies reflection in the water turn to pink, orange and blue. Another dip of the paddle, my canoe turned and I was laying witness to a blazing fire in the sky.


Sunrise Nanticoke Lake Lisle NY October 25th 2017. © Joe Geronimo

Sunrise Nanticoke Lake Lisle NY October 25th 2017. © Joe Geronimo

Sunrise Nanticoke Lake Lisle NY October 25th 2017. © Joe Geronimo

Don & I on Nanticoke lake October 25th 2017. © Joe Geronimo

6 thoughts on “Autumn Sunrise

  1. What camera and lens do you use, I am sitting in my daughters camp here in Eagle Bay Park and if you get chance you should get family up here to snow shoe to Sis and Bub or x ountry ski the region . Give you winter insight to your blog that I just found reading Chuckthewriters blog.thank you for your wonderful writing and photos.


    • John,

      Thank you for the compliments, I greatly appreciate it. My main camera body is a Canon 7D which I absolutely love. When I’m out in my canoe or kayak I usually bring a very inexpensive Canon 18-135MM IS. But I use Canon L glass mostly a 28-70 F2.8 and a 70-200 F2.8..

      Snowshoeing to Sis & Bub lake is on my to do list this winter season. I’ve hiked it in summer and fall and carried my canoe into both lakes as well. One of my favorite places. Here in the Southern Tier of NY we haven’t had much snow the past 2 years which I find odd because we usually get hammered here.. The Moss lake loop and Cascade trail are also on my winter snowshoe list.




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