In the Dog House

Last weekend while camping in the Thousand Islands region of New York I took the opportunity to test out my new Eureka “Solitaire” backpacking tent. Or as my wife calls it my “Dog House Tent”. I don’t backpack but I purchased this tent for canoe/kayak camping because of its size and weight. I bought it locally from Eureka Camping Center for a really great price. As a matter of fact it was extremely cheaper than some other backpacking tents I’ve used.

I wanted to get the feel for it and its size before taking it on a canoe/kayak trip where I might regret not trying out before hand. I did fit very comfortably inside and I’m happy to report that I had two good nights sleep. On the first night I woke about 3AM briefly peering through the roof into the night’s sky which was littered with millions of stars. I stared for a short while watching as some of them streaked across the sky. The second morning I felt so good it was almost better than sleeping in my own bed. I did bring with me my Coleman self inflating sleep pad as well.


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