Winter’s Light at The Castle

Reaching to silence my alarm it was time for my Sunday long run. A quick check of the weather and I said forget it. I just wasn’t feeling it and longed to go back to bed. As I pulled the covers up I noticed the the days light peeking from behind the shades of our bedroom. I got backup and peered out the window and thought to myself this might be one heck of a sunrise. I quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed my cameras and was in the car. The windshield completely frosted over I was driving down the road with my head hung out the window just like a dog.

My initial thought was to head over to Hospital Hill in Binghamton and photograph downtown Binghamton as the sunlight illuminated it. I took a few sample images and was not thrilled. I wandered around the old buildings and noticed the light slowly creeping up over the tire tracks frozen in a dusting of snow near “The Castle” and immediately knew that this would be my shot. I fluttered around looking for my vision, patiently waiting for Mother Nature to set up her easel and begin to paint.

Jack Frost was nipping at more than my nose at this point, realizing I had left my parka in the car. No time to go back and get it as the show was about to start. The soft glow of red and orange highlighted the exterior while the widows appeared illuminated  as if there was life inside this lifeless soul.

“The Castle” Binghamton, NY January 8th 2017, © Joe Geronimo.

7 thoughts on “Winter’s Light at The Castle

  1. Is this a former GAF/Ansco/Agfa facility? Often wondered what happened to that once glorious film/chemistry/camera facility.


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