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Chenango Lake @ Chenango Valley State Park November 15th 2015.

Chenango Lake @ Chenango Valley State Park November 15th 2015.

This morning myself, Ryan Heinlein, Linda Reynolds, Chris Welch and Ruby a Norwegian Elkhound met for a trail run. The air was brisk, the leaves crunchy and the canopy of trees overhead filtered the Autumn sunlight quickly warming us as we navigated the trails at Chenango Valley State Park. For me trail running is relatively new and I enjoy it quite considerably.

Our run would take us on a 6.25 mile adventure of wide trails, narrow trails, up hills, down hills and a few vista views as well. My trail running experience is limited but I will say this I really enjoy running at State Park. I feel there are many options for running here. Whether you enjoy trails or the road or a mix of both State Park offers it all.


I myself truly enjoy road running but running some trails on a periodic basis is a really nice change of pace (Pun Intended). I love the solitude of the woods, the camaraderie of friends and the time outdoors.

Questions for you:

Do you run trails? If so where is your favorite place to run?