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Over the past six months I’ve been doing some real soul-searching pertaining to my life and what I want. My soul-searching began not long after finishing the New York City Marathon. I realized all these things I had been drawn into was truly taking me away from my ultimate passion, my family. The very people who have unconditionally loved me, supported me and most of all missed me.

Over the course of this reevaluation I realized that my passion for cycling pretty much wasn’t there anymore. I began to feel it was a major time suck. I also realized that my passion for running was growing two-fold. It was simple, no expensive gear, just a pair of running shoes, shorts and a shirt. I had visions of triathlon’s but who was I kidding. I’ve never really been a swimmer and quite honestly I don’t want to be. At points I felt like I was forcing myself to be something I truly wasn’t.

All of these things have really removed me from my family so to speak. My family has no interest in cycling, running or swimming. However we do share some common passions that were staring me right in the face. We all really enjoy getting out hiking, kayaking and canoeing. My boys who are now thirteen and sixteen really enjoy this and I well, I love to canoe. As a mater of fact my sons and I are planning a 2016 canoe/camping trip along a beautiful section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. This summer our family will visit Lake George and Lake Placid to canoe, kayak, hike and spend time in a beautiful place. Michael and I will hike our first high peak together.

I truly miss spending time with my wife. We’ve always had a wonderful relationship and have always enjoyed being together. We want to do more traveling together. Nothing exotic, just time spent seeing new places whether right here in our own State or some place else in America. She has always wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina. In July just the two of us will be flying there to take in the sights, enjoy the food but most importantly spend time together without our referee shirts and red cards.

So with that said I will be hanging up my swim trunks and deflating my bike tires. I will embrace my paddling, whether being by myself on a remote Adirondack pond or paddling with my family on the many beautiful lakes so close to where we live. I will continue to embrace and develop my passion for running but most of all I will make every attempt to nurture my relationship even more with three of the most beautiful human beings.