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In mid February I entered the lottery for the 2014 New York City Marathon. Lottery entries officially closed on Tuesday March 18th and selection begins on March 26th. I’m nervous, nail bitting nervous. Reaching into my soul part of me wants to get in so desperately, meanwhile a part of me hopes I do not.

You’re probably asking yourself “Is this guy crazy??” To be honest this would be my first marathon andI feel intimidated. I’m totally capable of running this race. What really has me freaked is how 2014 has started out for me. So far I’ve been clobbered by a brutal cold and now I have strained hip flexors. So my training and morale have really been affected. I know, I know, plenty of time to heal and train. I’m a worrier!

As I nevously wait over the next several days pondering my fate I can tell all of you this. If I do get selected to run in 2014 New York City Marathon, I will take every advantage that this experience offers. Now if I don’t get selected, look out 2015.