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It was dark, around 6:00 PM on December 10th and I just pulled into the parking lot of the Vestal rail-trail after a long fourteen hour day at work. I however was determined to get in a six mile run. After changing, lacing up my running shoes and starting my GPS I was off into what I thought would be a great evening run.

At just a quarter mile into the run I felt some tension in the back of my right knee and thought “I’ll just let it work out”, then moments later I felt a pop in my calf and my run ended instantly. I could barely hobble back to my car. All sorts of scenarios were going through my mind.

I franticly grabbed my iPhone and began to Google what had possibly happened. I was too upset to sit in my car and stare at this tiny screen. I drove myself home, limped into the house grabbed my laptop and got back to my research. After some researching it seemed I might have tore a calf muscle. Panic quickly set in! I thought to myself “Ah Shit” how long is this going to sideline me.

The pain was pretty intense for the first few days. However with some suggestions from the high school cross country coach and some fellow runners the pain began to subside. A trip to the PT and a diagnosis that if it was a tear it was a micro tear and I should be back in my shoes in several weeks.

During those several weeks I was going stir crazy, I wanted to run! But I did not want to do anymore damage so I stayed the course and took care of my leg. Just recently I began easing back into my running and have gradually increased my mileage with some minor calf pain.

Just the other day I asked another runner her thoughts on compression socks/sleeves. Her comment to me was “You Won’t Regret It”. When I received her message I was 23 miles from “The National Running Center” in Clark’s Summit, Pennsylvania en route to my families for a second Christmas. A slight detour and $90.00 later I had one pair of Zensah compression sleeves and a pair of compression socks. I immediately put on the pair of sleeves for the rest of the day only taking them off to sleep. The next morning I was up at 5:45 AM and out the door for a 8.5 mile run with no calf pain. I stopped at 3 miles in to stretch and take a picture of the sunrise.

Sunrise at the Bluff

I continued on and once I was back at my families I stretched again, ate some breakfast, hit the shower and wore my compression socks for the rest of the day.

This morning I was out the door at 7:00 AM for a 10.5 mile run in my compression sleeves again and my calves felt great. I stopped again at the three mile mark to stretch. No picture today as the weather sucked. At one point in my run I was steadily climbing for about a mile or so and I could feel my calf muscles stretching out and it felt great, I felt great!

I had always thought compression sleeves/socks were a gimmick but for me over the past two days I am now a believer. I guess I will just have to take it one step at a time and see how things progress from here.


My Zensah compression sleeves after this mornings run.

My Zensah compression sleeves after this mornings run.