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Over the past year I’ve been hemming and hawing about buying a Keurig. On one shoulder I had the devil saying its too expensive and on the other a devil saying “Oh what the Hell”. Then this past summer while at a friends house for a BBQ I was treated to a cup of Green Mountain Coffee “Wild Mountain Blueberry” brewed in a Keurig. I’ll be honest it was some of the best coffee I have had. Basically killing my Dunkin Donuts obsession on the spot. However I discovered while in Vermont the very next day I could buy it in ground form for my $12.00 four cup Mr. Coffee pot. Hey it works!

When I returned from Vermont I took to Twitter and Green Mountain Coffee to profess my new found love of their coffee. To my surprise Green Mountain rewarded me with a free coffee mug which by the way I am still waiting for in the mail. But I also discovered that they soon were going to release “Pumpkin Spice” coffee for the upcoming fall season. Ok now I’m going bonkers here! A few key strokes later and I’m at their website going to order a bag only to discover its an additional $4.99 shipping here to New York. Well I’m not paying $4.99 to ship a bag of coffee. My depression sets in, in my defeated mind I go to our local Wegman’s “www.wegmans.com” which is like the Mecca of grocery stores, heading right for the coffee isle. No Green Mountain Coffee to be found. Ok I need to see a doctor now because life is OVER I tell you. Heading home with my tail between my legs I take to the internet only to discover that Green Mountain Coffee is organic. That it wouldn’t be found in the coffee isle at Wegman’s BUT the “Nature’s Market” section with all the other organic products. Car keys in hand I race back to Wegman’s. Low and behold there it is, in all its roasted glory staring at me while the drool runs over my lips, I leave the store feeling triumphant!

Fast forward to yesterday as I bring in the days mail and what to wandering eyes should appear, but a Bed Bath & Beyond catalogue with a Keurig B45 Elite Brewer on sale for $99.00. I quckly start to salivate and remember I just saw a 20% off coupon for Bed & Bath in one of my wife’s 6 million magazines that come to the house. Snip, snip and this morning I am off to the store. I had a moment of fear race through my body while driving the Vestal Parkway thinking that I would have to literally beat the crowds of people away in order to get my prize. All that fear was for naught as the Egyptian Pyramid of Keurig brewers stood tall in the front of the store. Spiking the football in a symbolic touchdown victory I raced around the other side of the display like that of a kid on Christmas morning pulling two boxes of Green Mountain K-Cups from the shelf, coupon in hand I bolt towards the register with the speed of a marathon runner, leaving the store in utter victory.