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It was the weekend of August 11th & 12th and our family made the 194 mile trip from our home here in Endwell to Lake George, NY to kayak and visit Fort Ticonderoga. Lake George sits on the southern end of New York’s massive 6.3 million acre Adirondack Park.

On Monday morning before heading north to Fort Ticonderoga I stopped in the Lake George, NY Post Office to mail 10 postcards around 0930. At the counter now and the only one in there I waited 5-6 minutes to be waited on while a few clerks gabbed behind the scenes. Once being waited on I informed the clerk all postcards had proper postage and I was requesting to have them hand canceled. I promptly received the glare of death and was told in a stern manner that the United States Post Office does not hand cancel! Ok I’m mad! In response, I politely informed the clerk that this was odd as I have not been in a Post Office that does not hand cancel (except in Grand Central Station, which is a whole other story) and asked if the Postmaster was available in order to clarify.

As you can see by my image provided the clerk finally obliged and I received my hand cancels on all 10 postcards. Cannot wait to return next year and ask again.

Cheers, Joe