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I had never had a cup of coffee until I was twenty. I was commuting into Manhattan on the 5:45 AM train to work. I had also been dating a girl who happened to work at the local bakery in town. So on my way to the train station I would stop in for coffee and a good morning kiss. Cream and sugar was the routine and off I went. Fast forwarding twenty one years and I was still drinking coffee “Dunkin Donuts” with cream and sugar. I never had a thing for black coffee. Too strong, too bitter but last year while visiting my parents I discovered Trader Joe’s coffee. A medium roast and as the label suggests “An exceptionally smooth cup of coffee”. I’m here to tell you they are correct. Some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.


However recently while spending time with friends I was turned onto Green Mountain Coffee “Wild Mountain Blueberry” again another exceptionally smooth cup of coffee. On a recent trip to Vermont I was able to find this coffee, now I’m hooked!


So if you have any suggestions on coffee to try that is smooth and not bitter please share them as I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s to a hot cup of Joe!