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In earlier posts I have mentioned that I will be riding a “Century Ride” one hundred miles on August 17th in support of Diabetes. As with most things I usually wait to the last minute. Well my training is no different for this one. On Saturday August 3rd I took part in the Tioga County Tourism’s “Bike Tioga” event. There were several different routes to ride ranging in distance. You could choose the 104 miler, 61 miler, 38 miler or the 25. I chose the 61 miles for my ride. In true spirit I decided to ride from my house in Endwell to the event out at Hickories Park in Owego that morning, tacking on 16 additional miles. The days weather was perfect! Sunshine, cool temps and no wind made for a great day. Exhausted and finished my friend Tom was kind enough to give me a ride home. After a few missed turns my mileage for the day wound up being 80.


This morning August 4th I met up with Tom again and friends Diana and Jo for another training ride. This one would be 60 miles. Weather was a bit chilly complimented by an annoying head wind for the first 25 or 30 miles. Further into our ride somewhere on a road in the middle of corn fields we bumped into our team captain Harold Brill who happened to be out riding himself. As usual with Harold he is consistently followed by dark clouds. Today wouldn’t be any different and about five minutes later the skies opened up. We were drenched! Soaking wet, pouring rain, now in our last 12 miles the Gods of cycling struck. Yup, with my brand new Armadillo tires I get a flat. We were all soaked, cold and anxious to get finished. I am a bit slow at changing a flat so in comes Jo, she takes charge and gets us on the road again quickly. Thanks Jo! Finally back to our cars and with the return of the sun I could say it was a good ride. Logging 140 miles this weekend I’d think it would be safe to say “Century Ride” here I come!

Changing the flat. © Tom LaBarbera

Changing the flat.
© Tom LaBarbera