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As parents I think at some point we ask ourselves where time goes, today I find myself asking that question. You see today our youngest son Max had his fifth grade moving up ceremony. Yeah I know its only fifth grade, but I’m here to ask where does the time go. My wife and I are very proud of Max, he has worked hard in school and despite his “Grumpy Old Man” guise he does enjoy it. Shhhhh don’t tell his friends because they might make fun of him.

Now beginning in September we will have two sons in the middle school or as we used to call it Jr. High. Pretty soon we will be looking for colleges. I tell you this stuff gets pretty scary. I remember like it was yesterday being in the delivery room doing my best Bill Cosby, salad spoons, catchers mitt in all.

In short I would like to say congratulations to Max! You’re an amazingly funny and intelligent guy and we as parents are very proud of you.

max one426

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