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My son Michael joined his schools track team “Maine-Endwell Spartans” for the first time this year. Today’s weather was absolutely perfect for his first ever track meet. Sunshine, sixty degrees and a light breeze. Michael usually errs on the side of caution when entering an unknown environment. He chose the 100M Dash, High Jump and the Long Jump to compete in. Michael had a rough time with the high jump however he did come away with a great attitude and the drive to do better = Score! My wife and I really enjoyed watching Michael compete along with all the other kids and the different events. A completely different animal compared to cross country. Walking to the car afterwards Michael commented, even though he didn’t do as well as he had hoped, he had a blast doing it. Just imagine all that fun without an Xbox! Who would have thought….Mike Long Jump

Mike High Jump

Michael "Second from Left" i the 100M Dash, High Jump and Long Jump.

Michael “Second from Left” in the 100M Dash, High Jump and Long Jump.