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Traveling to Long Island over the Easter holiday to visit with family I was treated to an array of all sorts of yummy food. Ham, turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cookies, cakes and pies. I did indulge myself in some of this yummy food. Ok I’ll admit it a lot of this yummy food. My wife’s carrot cake whoopee pies were AWESOME!images

Monday morning I rose early and went for my run (11.17 miles). Winding my way through the neighborhood and past the houses of where some of my friends had grown up and eventually the “Bluff” images-1 the warm sun on my face felt great. Leaving the Bluff I made my way through the former grounds of the Kings Park Physchiatric Center a massive complex of now abandoned buildings. Some of these buildings are being torn down and the future of the land is questionable. After my run I felt great but it would take six days for my body to feel normal again and the bloating to subside. Quite honestly I am not used to eating that kind of foods or that amount. Though I do crave chocolate which is another story.Building 93KP

Blackberries, Strawberries & Bananas with a bit of vanilla yogurt.

Blackberries, Strawberries & Bananas with a bit of vanilla yogurt.

Back on track and eating my normal foods like this mornings breakfast I am feeling great! I encourage you to do whatever it is that makes you feel great. For me its my family, my food and my running!